modern meditation : 4 guided meditations


Four meditation offerings by Amber Shumake, Gabrielle Douglas and Lauren Wessinger. Love, Breath, Light, and Sense guided meditations with soft music and soundscapes recorded in the background. These are great for beginners and experienced meditators alike.


LoveLove meditation is derived from Metta Meditation, the meditation of Loving Kindness and Compassion. In this meditation offered by Amber Shumake, we explore the profound ability to create more space for unconditional love & compassion for all sentient beings. Amber guides us beautifully through this meditation, and Gabrielle Douglas recorded ambient music that fits perfectly in the background with the mood and spoken word of this piece. All tracks recorded by Gabrielle Douglas. Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Power.


Breath: In Breath meditation, Amber Shumake guides us through various forms of exercises to create awareness of the breath in our body, build lung capacity, helping us to focus easier and bring clarity to the mind. When we have mindfulness of the breath, we are more able to live a calm, and healthy life in body and mind. Gabrielle Douglas recorded sounds of nature, and Ryan Power recorded ambient music. These sounds come together delightfully to add to your meditation experience, helping you to focus and be one with the breath. Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Power.


Sense: Sense meditation offered by Lauren Wessinger is derived from Insight Meditation. Here we learn how to incorporate thoughts, sounds, and possibly sights into your meditation experience, and build consciousness through deepening awareness to emotions, reactions, and senses. This meditation will leave you feeling tuned in and tuned up! The sounds you will hear in the background are: Gabrielle Douglas recorded nature sounds and Lauren Wessinger on the flute, add Ryan Power’s ambient music, and all three soundscapes blend beautifully with one another to complete your sense experience. Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Power.


Light: A visualization meditation that is very nurturing and healing to our bodies and minds, as it instills a sense of peace and calm within. Has been noted to have derived from Tonglen Meditation. The basic definition of Tonglen is to receive and give, give and receive. Music and atmospheric sounds played by Gabrielle are a combination of Tibetan song bowls, gongs, & chimes that ring softly in the background as you meditate. All tracks recorded by Gabrielle Douglas. Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Power.


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