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October 2 – November 11, 2018

available to creatives, leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and wellness professionals

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To mentor is to advise, and I try to practice not giving advice. To give advice suggests that I know what is best; I do not know what is best for you. The people who have influenced my path (dharma) are the people who have shared their experience with me. Through listening to others’ experience, I am able to uncover the wisdom inside myself. The yoga sutras speak of svadhyaya, or the study of one’s self. This six-week mentorship offers an immersion into your truest self – your highest wisdom. Focusing on four areas – refining your voice, enhancing your studentship, extending your reach, and safeguarding your spiritual business – this mentorship seeks to elevate the trajectory of your path so that your teaching lands in the hearts of more people.

You will learn:

  • how to increase your sensitivity to your body and ways to regulate your emotions.
  • methods for communicating which encourage precision and connection.
  • how to cultivate an authentic resonance through which people can hear you.
  • tools to optimize your time and integrate the sacred into your everyday life.
  • how to secure your unique niche and identify ways to broaden your reach.
  • to identify opportunities to increase your wealth and ensure long-term sustainability.

You will receive:

  • a digital workbook with assignments, including presenting or teaching, writing and/or creating art.
  • my review of one class, presentation, or online offering of your choice with feedback.
  • 4 one-hour live calls on Zoom with me, including a practice as well as discussion, ending with Q+A. (*attending the calls live is recommended; however, if you’re unable to join, the recordings will be sent to you.)
  • 2 – one-on-one 45-minute in person, facetime or Skype individualized sessions with me.
  • entry into a privately moderated Facebook group.

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