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finally, he’s yours…forever | a fort worth adoption finalization

I’ve learned much about the adoption process as I’ve photographed this family over the past 6 months. And, I’d not attended an adoption finalization ceremony. It was short and oh so sweet. Finally, according to the courts, he’s forever their son. And people came from near and far to celebrate the moment. Oh my goodness, you could feel the love!

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sleepy James

This guy’s been to Palm Springs and Hilton Head in his short 4 months of life. He only cried for 10 minutes on the plane, one time – ten of the longest minutes of his parents’ life. And his hair cracks me up. He was a bit jet lagged today. Mom misjudged when he’d be most happy and least hungry. I’m glad I stayed around to see him wake. But you’ve gotta admit, asleep he’s adorable.


awaiting a winery wedding | destination wedding photographer

Sometimes, the light just can’t get any better. And this was one of those evenings. These two are blending their two families. And the kids were super sweet. I tried to make the event as painless as possible, as I’m sure 4 teenagers have other things they’d rather do on a Saturday evening. I’ll travel with them to photograph their destination wedding in Walla Walla, Washington at a winery in May. Then they honeymoon in a cruise through Europe. And upon their return, they’ll party with a few hundred of their favorite people at the Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. I can’t wait.

Kila Rennaker | Fort Worth Yoga Teacher

She brought her sweet daughter to the shoot. And it was briskly cold that morning so we stood in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatted. There are people whose very presence leaves you feeling brighter, and Kila is one of those people. Her talents are many. She’s mother to 3 beautiful children, a Great Dane, and at least a horse or two. She brought me cowboy boots her daughter had outgrown. “You’ll have to come ride horses soon,” she said later.

She’s also a nutrition health coach extraordinaire and my go-to gal for all essential oils questions. And, uh, yeah – she teaches an amazing yoga class too.

What I love about the creation process is how fun and easy going it can be. And that always makes for the best imagery.

To find out more about Kila, visit her classes in Weatherford and at The Sanctuary Yoga Room.

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a san diego engagement | san diego photographer

I got married in this very spot – Sunset Cliffs in San Diego – on November 1st. It’s absolutely one of my favorite places on this earth. I visit at least a few times a year to take photographs and teach and love on my family and remember why I am here. Is it arrogant to blog your own wedding? Luke Robert Miller photographed it, and it was amazing. Hands down, the best day of my life so far, and I’ve been blessed to experience much magic through the years. Maybe I’ll share the story some day. But, about a month before the wedding, I sent my brother a couple of pinterest photographs of a chuppah and some old doors that I thought might be cool to use in our ceremony. I think I said, “Do you think this would even be possible?” It was a pipe dream, or so I thought. Within a few days, after several trips to Home Depot and antique stores, he and his partner had created them. It was the kindest gift ever. And I couldn’t figure out how to repay them. But, for years, they’ve asked me to take some holiday photos for them. It’s a standing joke in the family, “Can you fly out to take our Christmas card photo?” And so this year, I found a cheap fare, and I did just that. Those waves never cease to take my breath away.

boy bird | fort worth child photographer

His momma is the creatrix of My Sweet Roots, a local and organic made-to-order-and-deliver food service in Fort Worth. Her food is healthy and amazing, and she caters, too. Check it out. Recently, I put up a post asking if any of my friends would be willing to keep my hound dog, Cash Diehl, while we were out of town. He had an appointment at the local boarding resort, but he’s a snuggler and just doesn’t like going for long stretches of time. She was the first responder. What a gem. Because Cash Diehl is a handful, lemme tell ya. The day before our wedding she sent me a photo of him standing on her dining room table. I kid you not.

She calls him “Boy Bird.” He melts my heart. Cash Diehl loved Boy Bird. And Boy Bird loved him. Boy Bird’s gonna be a big brother soon. I can’t wait to photograph them next year when there’s four.

There was a moment when Dad thought he wouldn’t get off work. “It might just be a Mommy and Me shoot,” she texted. But, I’m so glad we made it work because you’ve gotta love a dad who knows exactly what to do to make his kid laugh. I love the “work” I do.


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