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I aspire to integrate all that I’ve experienced through poetic teaching, poignant writing, and soulful portraiture. My vision for the world is one in which we see each other through a lens which captures our shared humanity. Six years ago, I left a career as a public school teacher to pursue teaching yoga and creating art. I thought it might be a temporary pit stop while I completed a graduate degree in counseling. However, now I know this is my life path, my dharma. 

I am the founder of Whole Heart Yoga Fort Worth and the co-founder of Soul.Full School of Yoga. I teach a few well crafted, relevant group classes at SoulSpace Yoga Community and several individualized sessions. I believe sharing yoga and meditation especially to people who do not have access to studios will bring more peace to our individual communities and global world.

Though I also shoot digital, I specialize in film as a premier portrait and commercial photographer. My experience in teaching and yoga lends itself to calming even the most nervous subjects. With over eight years experience shooting in everything from bright natural light to places which resembled dark closets, I am a versatile photographer who utilizes both natural and studio light.

May my work fulfill a need in my community. May my work serve you.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  ~ Mother Teresa

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