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Everyone’s a photographer. 

Perhaps you’re holding your camera in your hand right now as you read this.

It’s the digital age, I know. 

These past few months, I fielded at least a few inquiries each day from prospective people wanting holiday photographs.

“How much do you charge for digitals?” is a common question.

I don’t typically deal in digitals – except with commercial businesses.

I give you the digitals to every print you order, free of charge. 

Digitals get lost in internet oblivion. 

Custom artwork does not. 

I was explaining to my hair stylist that she likely feels about as competent ordering a canvass for her home as I would cutting my own hair.

She cuts hair every day.

I’ve cut my own hair a couple times in my life. It turned out ok…eventually.

I design artwork every day.

Practice makes progress.

After five years, what I’ve found is this:

Most of my clients prefer me to handle this work for them. 

And, I love what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like work. 

My work feels like my life, although I have a life outside of “work,” of course.

I was talking with a woman this morning – talking. 

On the phone. 

Not texting. She was kinda surprised. 

I know talking on the phone is antiquated.

In so many ways, I’m old school.

And some people are afraid to talk on the phone.

If I can’t put you at ease on the phone, I won’t be able to put you at ease in front of my lens.

And, I didn’t get into business for myself to email all day. 

Been there…done that…don’t want to go back again.

I got into business for myself for the freedom and friendships, and because I have a mission. 

It’s not really *my* mission though. I give it up to God every morning and night. 

I prefer a handwritten note to most anything.

If I’m to be honest, my favorite way to talk with you is face-to-face. 

I like to go into your home and see your style.

I like to design each shoot with the end in mind.

And, I like to deliver art to you like a life-sized holiday elf. 

I like to see joy personified in your eyes. And I like to receive late night texts about how much you love your album – how it brings tears to your eyes every time. I love this as much as I love the sound of the shutter.

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