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Pantsuit Nation

I am as excited as I was, when I was 7 and my father pulled me out of school to see Ann Richards be inaugurated as governor. Pantsuit Nation has taken over Facebook in the last few days. Often, people add me to groups without my permission, and I feel angry. I don’t know who added me to Pantsuit Nation, but to whoever did add me: thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I’ve been on Facebook hiatus because of the vitriol. However, reading the pantsuit nation stories have helped me to see that I am not alone. And in Texas it can feel as if I am. These women today – they were so excited to wear their pantsuits. For some who are lawyers and consultants, these suits are part of their daily attire. Others made last minute pant suit purchases at local thrift stores. Some of us knew each other. Fort Worth is so big and small. And, the ones who hadn’t met are now connected. The excitement hung in the air like the low laying clouds. I will always remember this day.


See the rest of the #pantsuitnation photos from across the USA and beyond here: https://dennykwan.smugmug.com/PantsuitNation


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