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Isabella Breedlove | Fort Worth Musician

Isn’t she a beautiful human? At 15, she’s paving her own path – and an artsy one at that. She sings and plays guitar. The music kept her moving throughout the shoot. To help others co-create their dreams – this is what I love.

You can hear her voice here: https://soundcloud.com/bellabreedlove/heart-like-yours-willamette-stone

I get the feeling that one day I’ll say, “I remember when we did that shoot with the vintage cars.”


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Note: the two men who brought the cars over on an overcast day were so sweet. They chauffeur people. They take the cars to hospice for people with cancer to take a ride. My heart melted when he told me that. So, of course, during wardrobe change, I said, “I’m sure you have a bunch of photos of the cars, but do you want one?” And they both said that they’d never been photographed with their cars. Would I text them the images so they could send to their kids and grandkids? Certainly.


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