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Fort Worth Power Yoga | SoulSpace Yoga Community

I had the privilege to photograph Elizabeth Daigle’s SoulPower class on Saturday. She is one of three owners at SoulSpace Yoga Community, soulspaceyc.com. Her style is nontraditional and traditional, powerful and alignment based Ashtanga yoga. Man, even my cameras were sweatin’. On the first Saturday in April, in correlation with Lululemon Athletica Fort Worth, she’s offering a free class from 9:30 – 11 am.

Occasionally, people send me a note and ask me where I’m teaching, if I’m an owner, when I’m going to start a teacher training program. For now, I’m focusing on creating beautiful images, teaching plenty of private sessions each week in addition to a handful of well crafted group classes at SSYC, and bringing to birth two books that have been stirring in my bones. I’ve got a couple online offerings in the works, too 😉

Not long after SoulSpace opened I wrote 10 stream of conscience reasons why I love it so. Read them below. And, if you’ve yet to check the studio out, find the schedule online here: soulspaceyc.com

10 reasons I already love SoulSpace Yoga Community :

1. It’s clean. Organically. Professionally. I typed some unkind and gross things I’ve experienced in yoga studios over the last 12 years but have elected to sweep my side of the street, spare you the disgusting details, and delete them.

2. The expertise and professionality of the teachers. Their willingness to share what they know with each other, to tailor their teaching to meet the needs of the students in the room, to remain authentic to who they are.

3. Compassionate collaboration. Everybody’s got my back. No doubt. I don’t have to hold the vision and mission alone. We all do our part and support each other.

4. A beautiful private room with an Iyengar rope wall in which to camp out and teach individualized sessions.

5. Infrared heat. When I set the temperature to 85, it’s 85 and breathable. The sweat comes from the inside, out.

6. Enthusiasm of the students. They’re up for anything and everything. Eager beginners looking to learn. Intermediate students ready to take their practice to the next level. Advanced students who realize a beginner mentality is the way to progress. All seeking to breathe fresh life into their lives.

7. Saunas + showers. Better products in the bathroom than the ones I own at home. I look for more opportunities to bathe here.

8. Variety on the schedule. Within these four walls, I can find Ashtanga, yin + restorative, hatha, vinyasa, and magical spiritual substance I can really sink my teeth in.

9. Rich relationships. My friends are there. Teachers I’ve known, respected and loved for years. Students who’ve followed me from my Azle living room to Karmany to my South Main loft to here: 3425 W. 7th, aka home.

10. How it feels. Brimming with possibility. How blessed am I for this opportunity. The Universe whispers that to me each time I enter or leave. The best feeling in the world is to know that the best is yet to come.

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