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Kila Rennaker | Fort Worth Yoga Teacher

She brought her sweet daughter to the shoot. And it was briskly cold that morning so we stood in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatted. There are people whose very presence leaves you feeling brighter, and Kila is one of those people. Her talents are many. She’s mother to 3 beautiful children, a Great Dane, and at least a horse or two. She brought me cowboy boots her daughter had outgrown. “You’ll have to come ride horses soon,” she said later.

She’s also a nutrition health coach extraordinaire and my go-to gal for all essential oils questions. And, uh, yeah – she teaches an amazing yoga class too.

What I love about the creation process is how fun and easy going it can be. And that always makes for the best imagery.

To find out more about Kila, visit her classes in Weatherford and at The Sanctuary Yoga Room.

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