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Gabrielle Douglas | Fort Worth Yoga Teacher + The Cush

In my industries, I’m fortunate to share space with people who keep me inspired. Each Thursday, I’ve been meeting up with Gabrielle Douglas of Slow Flow yoga and The Cush band fame. We are collaborating in an online meditation series that will be available soon. I look forward to this time each week, as does my dog, Cash Diehl. She’s got a great husky lab named ZZ, and he and Cash have really hit it off. Some projects evolve like that where you wonder – is this “work” or is this “fun?” Both.

And we’re also offering the series at SoulSpace Yoga Community every Tuesday at noon in March. It’ll be an amazing offering: 30 minutes of meditation plus the option for a to-go lunch from My Sweet Roots. On Friday, I took a few updated photos for her and then I went to take her yoga class, which transported me to another planet. I’m learning, through my work with her, that the goal of life is not to live on another planet. Not every meditation will feel transcendent and cosmic…many won’t. Certainly, we can enjoy the ones that do, but the point is to live in the body – grounded in the present moment.


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