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I got married in this very spot – Sunset Cliffs in San Diego – on November 1st. It’s absolutely one of my favorite places on this earth. I visit at least a few times a year to take photographs and teach and love on my family and remember why I am here. Is it arrogant to blog your own wedding? Luke Robert Miller photographed it, and it was amazing. Hands down, the best day of my life so far, and I’ve been blessed to experience much magic through the years. Maybe I’ll share the story some day. But, about a month before the wedding, I sent my brother a couple of pinterest photographs of a chuppah and some old doors that I thought might be cool to use in our ceremony. I think I said, “Do you think this would even be possible?” It was a pipe dream, or so I thought. Within a few days, after several trips to Home Depot and antique stores, he and his partner had created them. It was the kindest gift ever. And I couldn’t figure out how to repay them. But, for years, they’ve asked me to take some holiday photos for them. It’s a standing joke in the family, “Can you fly out to take our Christmas card photo?” And so this year, I found a cheap fare, and I did just that. Those waves never cease to take my breath away.

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